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Rental Kart Team Endurance Race

Sep. 21, 2019 @ 8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Rental Kart Team Endurance Race


Arrive & Drive running race karts, tires, and fuel. Enjoy your racing!

You and your friends, family, club members and/or co-workers can compete in a rental kart team endurance race at Lanier Raceplex on September 21, 2019. This two-hour endurance race will accommodate up to 15 teams with 2-4 race drivers per team. Drivers will rotate driving during the race. There is no limit to the number of additional team members that can serve as race manager, signal board, pit crew, etc. Winning will require skill, speed, strategy, stamina and teamwork.


Track Check-in opens     7:30 am

Driver Meeting                8:00 am

Open Qualifying              8:15 – 8:45 am

2-hour Endurance           9:15 – 11:15 am

Qualifying: The fastest lap time of each team during qualifying will determine the starting positions.

Pit Stops: Each driver will maintain a reasonable pit-road speed and carefully conduct their pit stop. Drivers will wear a team-unique wristband with their name and a driver identification number clearly printed on it for pit-out driver confirmation. No refueling will be necessary. While unlikely, if a kart experiences a mechanical problem the team will be assigned a replacement kart. If a kart cannot return to the pits, the team can elect to have their next driver go out in a reserve kart. Either way, the unplanned stop will count as one of the team’s required pit stops.

The race ends at 2 hours duration or when a team completes 144 laps, whichever comes first. The number of laps completed and the distance behind the winner will determine the finishing position of the teams.

Entry Fee: The early-entry fee for the September 21, 2019 Rental Kart Team Endurance Race is $350 per team. The late-entry fee is $400 per team. Full payment is required before the first track session. The entry fee covers all sessions, helmets, head socks, race stints. Bottled water will be provided during the event.

Teams can bring their own non-alcoholic refreshments, food, and snacks. Teams can bring pop-up tents, chairs, tables, etc. to conduct and support their race program from a designated pit area.

Team Endurance Race Rules

Updated 9.19.19

  1. Qualifying: Drivers are expected to demonstrate their best lap-time during qualifying. If you leave/cut the course short, that lap time will be deleted. If you impede other qualifying drivers from their fast laps, your team will start last. Stopping on-track to wait for a clear lap is unsafe and your team will start last. Teams are expected to rotate drivers during open qualifying in order for each driver to learn the course layout.
  2. Start: The race start will be single file. No driver can move out of the single file line to make a pass before reaching the start line. All drivers should accelerate together at the wave of the green flag. Jumped starts and brake checking will be assessed a penalty. If the green flag is not waved, all drivers will continue the lap at moderate pace for another start attempt.  
  3. Passing: A pass is successful when the overtaking kart is 50% alongside the leading kart at the turn-in point. Throughout a contested turn, entry to exit, each driver must leave room for the other kart. An overtaking kart that is not 50% alongside must yield the turn to the leading kart. No passing allowed in the area of a yellow flag. It is the overtaking driver’s responsibility to give back an improperly gained position in order to avoid a penalty.
  4. Blocking: Drivers can make one defending move approaching a corner. Drivers cannot move back across the track after you’ve made the one allowed defensive move. Drivers cannot force someone off course or into the course boundary barriers, including on a straightaway.
  5. Contact: Intentional kart contact and rough driving will not be tolerated and may result in loss of driving privileges. Avoidable contact is deemed to be rough driving. Multiple or frequent “incidental” contacts will be deemed rough driving. Rough driving will be assessed at the sole discretion of the track officials and/or race director. Avoidable kart contact under braking (ramming) is rough driving, is specifically prohibited, and will result in penalty.
  6. Off-course: Four wheels outside the original course boundary locations will result in a stop and go penalty. If a driver has three off-course excursions, racing privileges for that driver will be forfeited for the event. Repeatedly hitting the course boundary barriers is an indication of improper kart control. A penalty may be assessed at the discretion of race officials.
  7. Penalties: When a penalty is applied, it will primarily be a stop and go penalty in the box marked next the track. Other more severe penalties that might be applied include disqualification from race results, reduced engine power for a period of time, or set back to a lower finishing position.
  8. Black Flag: If an open black flag is directed at you, you must go to the penalty box within the next two laps for a stop and go penalty. If a black flag is not honored, the team will be eliminated from the race.
  9. Blue Flag: If an open blue flag is directed at you, be aware that a faster driver is approaching from behind. Do not immediately hit your brakes or make irregular steering moves. Allow the faster driver to pass entering the next turn or on the following straight. It will be helpful to hand point to the side you want the overtaking driver to pass and make a slight/brief lift of the accelerator to facilitate the pass. The overtaking driver is responsible for safely completing the pass.
  10. Pit lane/transit speed is limited to 20 MPH. Excessive pit speed will result in a stop and go penalty being applied after the team kart returns to the track.
  11. Bad behavior or offensive language will not be tolerated. Any person involved must leave the premises.
  12. Have good clean racing fun.

Pit Procedures

Endurance Race Pit Procedures

  1. Track exit is at oval turn 3. When approaching track exit, keep to the right and stay off the racing line.
  2. When preparing to exit the track, raise your left arm with a closed fist to signal following drivers you are running slower and leaving the track. Lack of a signal risks being rammed from behind due to your slower pace ahead of approaching racing traffic.
  3. Pit lane speed limit is 20 MPH. The pit lane speed limit applies from the top of the hill at pit entrance (track exit) to the top of the hill at pit exit (track entrance).
  4. Drive in the pit’s right side through-lane except when you turn left into your team’s pit box. Return to the through-lane when leaving the pit box.
  5. After a pit stop, watch for other pit traffic while returning to the pit through-lane.
  6. Proceed to the covered canopy to have the wrist band checked for driver identity.
  7. Then proceed out pit exit and enter the race; be alert to yield and merge with approaching race traffic.
  8. A minimum of 3 pit stops is required; more stops are encouraged as appropriate for to offset driver fatigue; scheduling of the stops is at team discretion.
  9. Each driver on the team shall drive at least 20 minutes total.


Sep. 21, 2019
8:00 am - 12:00 pm
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Lanier Raceplex
5301 Winder Hwy
Braselton, GA 30517 United States
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