FAQs – (Frequently Asked Questions)

What time are you open?
Click this link to see our current hours of operation.
How long is each session?

Each session is 10 minutes. Depending on track layout, generally about 10-15 laps and you might drive about 5 or 6 miles. Most drivers are ready for a rest break after 10 minutes. Driving at this pace is thrilling and intense.

What if I don’t use all the sessions I purchased that day?
Races purchased are in your individual account record until used. Use of the race credits can be spread over several weeks or months.
How long is the track layout?
Track layout is usually about ½ mile with a good mix of open and tight turns and decent straights. Highly technical (tight) courses can be designed with lengths up to about 1.2 miles.
Can my group race together?
Yes, depending on the size of the group and the time of day. Small groups usually run together. Some groups are large and must be split into different sessions. During peak hours, general public drivers may be mixed into the race session. Scheduling a private event assures that only your group will be driving on the track.
How do I book an event?
Call the office, or email a message through the website contact form, asking to discuss a private group event. Private events can be scheduled any day of the week. Please indicate the approximate date desired and an estimated number of drivers.
What is the minimum age?
For general public open karting, the minimum age is 15. Drivers under age 15 can drive in a separate session with their parent/grandparent during off-peak hours. Virtually all people age 12 or above are able to operate the controls. Many people have sufficient height around age 10. For younger drivers, we have the ability to turn the power down to limit their speed until they are more comfortable driving the track and karts.
What if my child is younger than age 15 but has prior karting experience?
Young drivers can go out during non-peak hours in a separate session, generally along with their parent/grandparent. If they have and demonstrate sufficient prior kart racing experience and maturity, they could be allowed to drive in the adult open karting sessions.
How tall do I have to be?
The key factor is sufficient height to fully operate the controls; especially the brake pedal and steering wheel. That height is generally about 54” (4’6”). Virtually all minors age 12 or above are able to operate the controls. Many have sufficient height around age 10.
What if it is raining?
The karts will not be run when it is actively raining due to poor visibility, or when there is standing water which will cause hydroplaning. The kart tires are race slicks which do not have a tread pattern for grip in wet conditions.
What do I need to bring?
Closed-toe shoes must be worn (no sandals). Weather appropriate clothing. In cold weather, dress warmly and wear gloves for a comfortable drive. If you have one, you could bring your own helmet or head sock/balaclava.
Can I wear my own helmet?
Yes. It must meet DOT (motorcycle type) or higher safety standards. Full face enclosed helmets are preferred. Drivers with open face helmets must wear eye protection, such as goggles or glasses.
Is there a weight limit?
No maximum weight is established. But, many people above 250 pounds have difficulty getting up and out of the karts.
Do I need a membership?
No. The arrive-and-drive program is open to the public.
Do I need to make a reservation?
No. A reservation is not required before arrival.
Are the karts gas or electric?
The karts have gasoline-powered Honda engines.
Do you have 2-seater karts?
No. We do not have 2-seater karts.
Are the karts like bumper cars?
No. These are race karts running at speeds much higher than amusement park/beach rides. At these speeds, intentional bumping can be unsafe and is not tolerated.
Is it free to spectate?
Yes. You are welcome to come watch our public karting activities. When other promoters rent the track for a non-karting event they usually charge a spectator admission.
Can I bring a GoPro?
Yes, provided it is not mounted on the kart. A helmet mount provides the best video images.
How do I purchase a gift certificate?
Call the office or come to the ticket building during public karting hours.
Do gift certificates expire?
No. Gift certificates can be used during open public karting hours.
How many karts can go out at once?
Generally, around 10 karts are targeted per session. We could run 20 karts when appropriate.
What do I need to wear?
Closed-toe shoes must be worn (no sandals). Weather appropriate clothing. In cold weather, dress warmly and wear gloves. If you have one, you could bring your own helmet or head sock/balaclava.
Why do I have to pay a license fee if I’m from out of town?
The annual license verifies proper registration, waivers, and validates insurance coverages.
Do you offer a military discount?
Yes. Military and first responders can purchase races at a discount.
Do you accept credit cards or cash only?
Both; we accept cash as well as Visa, MasterCard and American Express cards.
Will you remain open if I want to do 2 races 10 minutes before closing time?
We generally remain open as long as there are sufficient drivers actively running races. There is no rigid closing hour.
Do we bring our own karts or do you always have your karts available?
Our rental karts are always available during open public karting hours and are not mixed with owner-karts. Owner-karts could run on separately allocated days and time periods.
How much to rent the track?
Track rental is available as a private event activity. For a private karting event it might be an hour or more. Cost varies with the number of people involved and number of karts utilized in the event. For non-karting on-track events, only a full day rental is available. Price varies by day of the week and month of the year.
Do you give discounts for birthdays?
Yes. Each driver with a Lanier Raceplex karting license can run one free birthday race. The birthday race can be run during the two week period of the week before or the week after the birthday.
Do you offer a discount on holidays?
Some major holidays will have a special race price. Other specials might apply during the year. Watch the website and Facebook posts for specials. Specials will not be combined.
Are there group rates?
Yes. A private group event has a lower fixed price per race per person based on overall group size, number of races, and other amenities utilized. Contact us to discuss details for your program.
Do you offer race lessons/classes for minors?
Yes, as private driving/coaching sessions in our rental karts. We have not received sufficient interest to establish a program for minors to enroll in a pre-set karting school. A day-camp program could be done.


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