Let’s Race!

Public Karting is only open to drivers aged 15 and up.


****Karting hours availability is determined by the event calendar and weather.

​The Lanier Raceplex arrive-and-drive kart racing program puts you in the driver’s seat. There are 30+ Dino karts available which are quick, highly responsive, and deliver well-balanced handling.

Lanier Raceplex, located across from Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta, offers a unique karting experience incorporating a banked oval and paved infield in a road-course track layout . The track configuration is changed often providing an amazing variety of karting experiences. The track length can be varied between 0.3 to 1.2 miles and is typically around 1/2 mile. There are also track lights for night driving.

NOTE: If a driver is under 18, their parent or legal guardian must be present or they must bring a signed and notarized minor waiver, available for download in PDF format at the bottom of this page.

Arrive & Drive Pricing

Annual License: $7
Rental Helmet: Free
Head Sock: $3

Head Socks are required for Rental Helmet.
Purchase once and keep for future use, or bring your own DOT helmet with face sheild!

Purchase a package and save!

Single Race: $35
2 Races: $60 ($30/race, save $10)
3 Races: $80 ($27/race, save $25)
4 Races: $100 ($25/race, save $40)
5 Races: $120 ($24/race, save $55)
10 Races: $220 ($22/race, save $130)

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Track Rules

  • Drivers must be 15 years old or older.
  • Helmets must be worn at all times while driving on this track.
  • Headsocks are required for all drivers renting Lanier Raceplex helmets.
  • Driver-Supplied helmets must be full-faced with a visor or goggles.
  • Shoulder-Length hair and longer must be enclosed inside helmet.
  • Closed-Toe and Closed-Heel shoes are required.
  • Avoid Traffic – You are racing for lap time not position.
  • Let faster racers pass.
  • No physical contact of any kind for any reason.
  • No bumping, no blocking, no exceptions.
  • Brake before a turn.
  • Smooth and precise is faster

Lanier Raceplex reserves the right to govern your kart according to your skill level. We may remove aggressive, reckless, or unskilled drivers from a race. Safety is our number 1 priority.

If you damage your kart during a race, intentionally or otherwise, your race is over. No refunds, no credits. Please race with care.

All Drivers must sign a waiver!

  • In order to drive a kart, each individual must have a current waiver signed.
  • You must be at least 18 years old in order to sign a liability waiver.
  • All participants under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian present to sign the minor waiver OR they must bring a signed and notarized minor waiver.
  • All participants must provide valid personal information* including: Full legal name, street address, city, state, zip code, birth date (Driver’s License).
    *Information collected remains confidential and is used only for verification of participant identity.
  • Do not drive if you have any health conditions, pre-exisiting conditions, injuries, exhibit any ailment or injury, if you are pregnant or have had surgery in the past few months or are still recovering from any medical condition, treatment or procedure. Only you can determine if you feel good enough to safely drive a racing kart. You fully assume all risks of any activity in which you choose to participate.
  • If assistance is needed, please ask a member of the Lanier Raceplex crew.

Pre-Register below to complete your waiver before arrival. 

This will save time & get you on the track faster! 

*All payments are processed onsite.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday

9 am - 5 pm

COVID-19: For everyone’s health and safety, we will continue stringent cleaning and sanitizing procedures. We ask that everyone maintain the appropriate social distance of six feet apart when not racing. Masks are encouraged, but not required, as the track is an open-air venue and you will be using a head sock while racing. Nitrile gloves are available upon request, at no extra cost. Please stay home if you have any of the following symptoms: fever, cough, shortness of breath.

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